Need to advertise your pawn shop? Look no further than direct mail with Town Money Saver to help give your marketing new life.

Here’s why.


67 percent of pawn shop customers took action in the past 12 months because of direct mail from a pawn shop, according to AudienceSCAN. That means over half of everyone who sees a direct mail piece from a pawn shop either visit the business, call it, visit its website or social media, or makes a purchase.

Response Rates

According to the Direct Marketing Association, customers respond more to direct mail – and it isn’t even close. Direct mail household response rates are 5 to 9 times higher than any other advertising medium, and that gap is growing every year.

Furthermore, response rates from direct mail (4.4 percent) are 37 times more effective than email marketing (0.12 percent). 

Crazy, right?

Don’t Miss Out

Did you know customers of pawn shops come from within 2 miles of the store, according to AdMall?

Take advantage of our smaller circulation and reach the area surrounding your business without overpaying.


Studies show that most pawn shop customers are male. To appeal to more women, some shops are adding more jewelry and women’s apparel. Millennials are also emerging as a lucrative market. Consider this information in your imagery and messaging.

For more than 25 years, Town Money Saver has been making local advertising easy for businesses. So we can help you bring in new customers, and our formula is simple: be affordable, convenient, and targeted.

But don’t just take our word for it. Planet Pawn Managers Clint Daugherty
& John Gibson said Town Money Saver advertising gives them an “instant response.”

“Instant gratification – the day that the Town Money Saver went out, I was getting phone calls and texts from people letting me know they saw my ad, had a coupon, and couldn’t wait to use it,” Gibson said. “Radio was extremely expensive, and we may have gotten two responses over a three-month period.”

If you’re ready, let us help you advertise your pest control business. Visit, call 800-481-8696, or request our Pawn Shop industry kit for more information.

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