• The whole ‘traditional media is dead/no it isn’t’ debate is boring, old-hat and takes focus away from joined-up thinking. As Mark Ritson puts it: “In all the calls for a digital-first approach and the subsequent responses to defend traditional media, most marketers miss the bigger integrated point. You should use whatever tools help get the job done, irrespective of how they are labelled”


• Print possesses gravity and authority not held by newer channels. It has historically been the domain of births, deaths, marriages and major announcements – we still use the term ‘front page news’, a hangover from a time when important news broke on print-first.


• A key factor in all of this is trust; in a world of fake news, print is more trusted than Online media, particularly at the local level – YouGov polls this year have found that “74% of respondents agree that they trusted the news and information in their local newspaper” over online sources.

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